XNG Applications

XNG offers a range of natural gas solutions for your business in addition to providing natural gas to industries and institutions that are not connected to the pipeline.


Cogeneration or combined heat and power is a thermodynamically efficient use of fuel because it utilizes the energy that is typically wasted as heat in the process of generating electricity. Waste heat is used for water or space heating. By dramatically reducing or eliminating waste heat, cogeneration further reduces the carbon emissions typically associated with electricity and heat production.

Natural Gas Vehicles

In terms of power, acceleration, and cruising speed, natural gas vehicles or NGVs are similar to gasoline or diesel vehicles. NGVs can run on both CNG and LNG. Because LNG is denser than CNG it is a better solution for vehicles travelling long distances because more energy can be stored by volume in a given tank. Natural gas is a very advantageous transportation fuel because it is domestically abundant, has widespread distribution infrastructure already in place, and is a cost efficient, clean-burning fuel.

Curtailment Solutions for Local Distribution Companies

Local distribution companies that face curtailment due to shortage of supply or high demand can rely on XNG’s service to supplement their supply and offer continuous service.