A seamless transition to natural gas

Our list of clients runs the gamut from businesses and factories to institutions and municipalities. We understand that no two businesses are the same and therefore none of our CNG solutions are the same. We tailor a solution for your fuel needs, industry requirements, and operational structure. As your company’s energy requirements evolve, we will develop our systems to progress with you.

XNG can bring natural gas directly to your industrial company, commercial institution, or municipality thanks to our “virtual pipeline.”

The process begins with XNG sourcing natural gas from one of our compression stations located directly on an interstate pipeline. The gas is compressed to 3,600 psi. It is then pumped into XNG’s high-capacity TITAN trailers.

Acting as our “virtual pipeline,” these lightweight, high-capacity trailers then transport the gas to our customers. Each customer location is outfitted with a customized decompression station. As the CNG is unloaded, it is depressurize to ensure a consistent flow without interruption For convenience and safety, the trailers also serve to house the CNG, saving customers the cost of on-site storage.

Our Process is Simple

  1. Compression – We build all XNG compression terminals directly on the pipeline to source our natural gas. This also ensures the highest pressure and flow rate for compression.After compressing the gas to 3600 psi, dispatch managers and truck-filling attendants work around the clock to fill our lightweight, high-capacity trailers for storage, transportation, and delivery. Our stations can fill up to eight trailers at a time in under an hour.
  2. Transportation – Each trailer holds four lightweight, carbon tubes with the highest CNG capacity certified for both U.S. and Canadian operation. This technology investment optimizes our transportation costs with improved fuel efficiency and lower trucking expenses. Our tractors are fueled by CNG as well.
  3. Decompression – We design and construct decompression skids and delivery systems that are tailored to your facility’s needs. Each station uses our regulators to precisely depressurize the CNG to its normal pipeline pressure under all weather conditions, ensuring a consistent flow of natural gas.
  4. Delivery & Storage – XNG remotely oversee your gas supply and tank conditions in real time to guarantee delivery. Our supply chain management ensures reliable delivery of high quality, safe natural gas. For redundancy and safety, extra trailers will be stored on-site.

Converting to XNG Natural Gas

With over 30 combined years of construction service and 40 combined years of natural gas engineering experience, our XNG Solutions Group can lead the conversion effort for customers without internal engineering or project management.

Our turnkey services include:

  • System design and engineering
  • Permitting
  • Site construction
  • Boiler conversion
  • Control integration with customer systems
  • 24×7 process monitoring
  • Training for employees and local/state first responders
  • Integrated emergency response plans

Continued Development

We are at the cutting edge of technology. We develop proprietary solutions to optimize your energy system as your business evolves. This includes designing and fabricating parts specifically engineered to generate a flow rate that matches your changing needs.


As your business partners, we know your organization’s finances are unique, and we will work closely with you on project financing. We offer a variety of pricing options—including fixed, variable, and cap products—as well as different payment plans to suit your needs and capital. XNG believes in putting our money where our mouth is and keeping your money where it belongs: in your pocket.