Reduce your energy costs & carbon emissions

A key to good business is making more money without spending more. XNG will put you a step in the right direction. To start, we competitively bid your gas to all suppliers on the pipeline so that you get the best possible price with complete transparency. And since our terminals are located on interstate pipelines we can often provide commodity pricing for our compressed natural gas well below that of gas utilities.

As your business partners, we know your organization’s finances are unique, and we will work closely with you on project financing. We offer a variety of pricing options — including fixed, variable, and cap products — as well as different payment plans to suit your needs and capital.

Whether its people, corporations, or communities, everything must grow to thrive. But just as important as progress is making sure it is achieved in the right way using the best practices available. When it comes to meeting the world’s growing energy needs natural gas is the best option on the market.

The benefits of natural gas start with your bottom line. As the cleanest-burning fossil fuel natural gas is a highly efficient energy source, which means you save money by using it. The advantages of natural gas also stem from its high domestic production and rich future reserves, both of which keep prices low and ensure an abundance of fuel widely available now and for decades to come.

Whether you are trying to lessen your dependence on foreign oil, desire the reliability of a plentiful and convenient product, want to make the most economically-sound decision, or strive to achieve your success in the most sustainable and safest way possible, there are countless arguments for why you should choose natural gas.

But for whichever reason you decide to switch to natural gas, we can all agree it is the smartest energy choice to energize everything from our homes and businesses to municipalities and the world at-large.

Smart Benefits of Natural Gas


Switching to natural gas can save you up to 40% in energy costs versus alternatives such as fuel and propane.

Environmentally friendly

According to the DOE’s Energy Information Administration (EIA), natural gas emits almost 30% less CO2 than oil, and 45% less CO2 than coal and electricity.


Natural gas has limited flammability as compared to gasoline and diesel. In a confined space natural is only flammable only when the mixture is within 5% to 15% natural gas.

Natural gas is nontoxic and will not contaminate the environment if it is released. It also has no known toxic or chronic physiological effects, and is not poisonous.


Natural gas fueled burners and furnaces are highly efficient in comparison to other fossil fuels. This translates into 15% savings in energy usage and a reduction in burner operating cost and downtime.


Nearly all the natural gas used in the United States is produced in North America, with about 90% originating for the U.S. and the remaining gas being supplied by pipeline from Canada.


The United States is top natural gas producing country in the world. Canada is fifth.

The Potential Gas Committee (PGC) released the results of its latest biennial assessment of the nation’s natural gas resources, which indicates that the United States possesses a total technically recoverable resource base of 2,515 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) as of year-end 2014. This is the highest resource evaluation in the Committee’s 50-year history, exceeding the previous high assessment (from 2012) by 131 Tcf. “Consequently, our present assessment, strengthened by robust domestic production levels and reserves bookings, demonstrates an exceptionally strong and optimistic gas supply picture for the nation.”