Direct Energy Business

Direct Energy has teamed up with Xpress Natural Gas (XNG) to deliver compressed natural gas (CNG) to off-pipeline industrial and commercial businesses and institutions in the State of New York, which enables companies and communities that must rely on expensive fuels like oil, propane, and biomass to lower their overall costs, and compete more efficiently.

The combined resources of Direct Energy Business and XNG provide enhanced price protection services and class-leading storage unit design and implementation, ensuring that we serve customers without access to pipeline gas.

  • Customers can use their commodity contract to finance the project through on-bill financing, and alternatively, we offer financing through a third-party financing institute at competitive interest rates.
  • We create a customizable solution that includes permitting, delivery and assembly, commissioning, and employee training. Projects are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including composite trailers and a decompression and heating unit.
  • We maintain the CNG unit for the term of the contract with no additional costs for repairs or servicing. Facilities are remotely monitored to ensure continued supply and a delivery guarantee
Dead River Company

XNG has partnered with Dead River Company, the largest retailer of home heating products in northern New England. Dead River sells and supplies compressed natural gas (CNG) from Xpress Natural Gas’s terminal in Baileyville, Maine to commercial and institutional customers that typically use at least 75,000 Gallons of heating oil annually, including industrial parks.

This partnership brings together XNG’s proprietary compression technology with Dead River’s more than one hundred years of experience in trucked fuels and energy services to accelerate the availability and the benefits of natural gas to customers across central, northern, and eastern Maine. Together, XNG and Dead River are demonstrating the innovative power of private industry to bring the benefits of clean-burning, low cost natural gas to Maine industry and businesses.