Fleet Fueling

CNG has enormous potential for increased use as a vehicle fuel. It has significant advantages over gasoline and diesel fuel in terms of both cost per mile and emissions.

Using the same infrastructure as our standard CNG solution, we provide long-haul fleets, as well as, on-site vehicles and heavy equipment with natural gas as a vehicle fuel.

There are many companies that rely on truck transportation to bring their raw materials to their facility, and to deliver their products to port or market. However, being in a remote location prevents many such businesses from moving to natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Recent advances in both new engines and conversion kits have advanced natural gas as a fuel for everything from forklifts to dump trucks.

We take our own advice. XNG’s entire fleet of high-volume TITAN trailers is fueled by CNG. This directly translates into a lower delivered cost of the CNG transported to your business.

How does it work?

Using our off-pipeline fleet solutions, we establish fueling stations at one or both ends of your regular routes. The payback on this conversion is less than 24 months, and can be as few as 12 months.

How can XNG help?

A filled CNG trailer is effectively one-half of a typical NGV fueling station. We provide the filling equipment to transfer the gas from our large tanks to smaller vehicle tanks at the same high-pressure.

It starts with a call. We offer a range of options to help your conversion, from turnkey installation to sourcing, from conversion financing to shared-savings agreements with independent haulers. The more transportation and equipment that you convert, the more you save.