PT Paper adding natural gas, cutting oil


Port Townsend Paper Corp. (PTPC) is taking new steps toward reducing its use of petroleum products as fuel for its boilers.

The pulp and paper company expects to be the first manufacturing plant in Washington state to use compressed natural gas (CNG), a move it says will reduce fuel costs, improve efficiency and help the environment.

Matt Denton, chief financial officer for Crown Paper Group, which owns PTPC, presented the mill’s intentions on Friday, Aug. 28. He also introduced Chris Christopoulos, the fire chief of Lebanon, New Hampshire, whom he has brought in to help train first responders at East Jefferson Fire Rescue, as well as state officials, on how to deal with CNG.

For now, the CNG is expected to be delivered by four or five trucks daily from Puyallup, starting sometime in 2016.

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