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XNG Revolutionizing the Procurement and Delivery of Natural Gas

XNG is New England’s most innovative full-service natural gas provider. Our company has built the first industrial CNG station in New England directly on the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, which ensures that XNG can offer its customers the lowest possible commodity costs for piped natural gas. The facility has been built with a full capacity of 8 billion cubic feet of gas production. We can fill 8 tractor trailers simultaneously, and any individual trailer in less than 40 minutes. The facility is indoors, which is more expensive but necessary to guarantee customers 24x7x365 service, particularly in a Maine winter storm.

XNG fills high capacity CNG delivery trailers to deliver natural gas to its customers. Costs include the preparation of the truck delivery site based on an approved layout developed with XNG, as well as compliance with all state and local building and safety codes.
Our trailers are also our on-site storage containers. Our engineers collaborate with your team to ensure sufficient trailers are available — either on-site or en route — to minimize any chance of supply disruption due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
This is the critical step in every CNG supply system. Decompression must be done with sufficient precision to ensure a constant temperature, constant pressure with sufficient volume and pressure for all operations to function. We believe our experience serving large industrial operations has given us proprietary knowledge under a wide variety of winter weather and operating conditions that enables us to deliver unmatched reliability versus any other potential provider. Experience matters.
The final step is for XNG to interconnect with your facility. Each XNG decompression skid and delivery system will be automated and controlled by an Allen Bradley Compact Logic PLC system which will be integrated into the facility operating control systems as well as wired to provide for remote monitoring and shutdown. XNG has a proprietary interface to connect a level and pressure transmitter system to the PLC so that we maintain real-time and historical record of tank conditions. A review of the control system designed by XNG for Lincoln Paper and implemented by Fitch Controls will be made available upon request, and will be the design basis for this project.

XNG can have its solution fully operational within 180 days of contracting, with your support for siting and permitting issues.